A downloadable game for Windows

Compete in a frantic drinking competition against Gensokyo's residents,
try to keep your arms steady so you don't spill anything!

You can play a short campaign as Suika, or face against a friend or CPU.
Whoever drinks the most beer without passing out wins!

A Touhou Fangame made in 3 days for the Touhou Fan Game Jam 7.


PLAYER 1           
PLAYER 2           
Tilt Arms / Menu Navigation     
Arrow KeysWASD
Pour Beer / Get UpZJ

( Joy2Key is recommended for Multiplayer )

Programming - Trace
Art / Sound - Saemi

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorsTrace, Ahogames
Tags2D, Anime, beer, Cute, Fangame, Female Protagonist, Local multiplayer, Short, Touhou
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player countSingleplayer


DrunkAsILike.zip 26 MB


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Wow, this game looks really cool. The visual, music, gameplay. Everything is way too perfect! (As a 2hu fan I really appreciate it). Looking forward for more games!


Literally made an account just to say that

Yooo this is both too fucking cute and too damn awesome

I loved it so much Suika and Yuugi both being my favourite characters (and Oni in general)~

Hands down it's almost perfect with the style of game and Oni's


With all due respect, an 'adult' version would be fun too, but great game, simple and really fun!

..what exactly are you implying with that?

to this day we never found out


simple but fun

Show post...

so funny